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Life is a balance of holding and letting go



My physio recommended yoga and/or Pilates for a recurring back pain. I have started doing both and am noticing positive effects already! Stacey’s classes are fantastic for me as a beginner and easy to follow and she’s very supportive. 

Emma B

Stacey, this note comes with much appreciation and thanks for organising what I thought was a truly amazing event this morning. I love Yoga and have a little understanding of the benefits it gives. However, your genuine love of how Yoga can help people, your enthusiasm and amazing explanation of what Yoga is all about is nothing but inspiring and takes this ancient craft to another level that copes with today's world. You are so professional and organised in your approach to teaching that I don't know why I was so surprised at how well this morning's workshop went!

Also, your love and interest in people, wanting to help, whatever we have all come to our mat for, is magnetic. You have such warmth and kindness that exudes from you in a natural way, that I can only say you have clearly found your vocation in life. We can only thank you for wanting to share that with us and I feel very blessed  to have been able to experience that.

Cannot believe how quickly two and a half hours went!

Mike R

Stacey is so friendly and helpful, I was really worried about working with someone due to being really unfit and very overweight but knew I needed some help. I have enjoyed every session and 5 weeks later I seem to have the formula I needed to lose weight, I'm 16 pounds down, 3 inches smaller and feel better than I have in a very long time. Stacey is always there to help and the sessions are tailored to your needs. 100% recommend her
Maria S

I go to Stacey's yoga class and she has taught me about options for yoga poses. I like her calm soothing approach to relaxation at the beginning and end of her class.
Philippa W

Stacey has been helping myself, my mum and sister for the past month and we all highly recommend her training. She not only helps with exercise, but has given excellent advice on nutrition and mental wellbeing. With having such a busy lifestyle, it has been helpful that our sessions are within our home comforts. Stacey tailors the sessions to our preferences, e.g having a strengthening session or an hour of yoga.

We attend other classes that Stacey holds as well as the PT which are also fantastic. We all look forward to Stacey's training each week and are already noticing positive changes in how we feel physically and mentally! Thank you Stacey!! xx
Sophie M

my first experience of attending a yoga class was at bannatynes in Norwich and with Stacey.  since that first Monday morning I have made it part of my life. I learn about how to calm the mind and soul, to relax while enjoying a gentle stretch. all this sets my day and week up in a positive and energetic way. I have started to think more positively and my body feels good. Stacey has a calming voice and routine that makes me coming back for me. also she is a wonderful person. xxx

Keith h

I have known Stacey for approx 4 years and have always been warmly greeted and welcomed within each class attended.

She has a genuine, caring nature towards all that she meets and works with.

Both highly qualified and professional she teaches many classes to a very high standard, inspiring many individuals on a daily basis. Stacey has taught me the value of health/wellbeing and mindfulness.

I personally am most grateful and appreciate her dedication and willingness to transform, support and guide others to achieve their true, full potential. Stacey defiantly deserves recognition for inspiring, motivating and positively changing many people's lives.

Katrina W

I was an unfit mum of two with a busy life and a fear of exercise. Stacey’s sessions have given me an understanding of my physical capabilities and along with her encouragement, the confidence to start other classes and activities to supplement her sessions.  Stacey has adapted sessions at short notice for me, provides good nutritional advice and a friendly kick up the bum when needed. Her kind, non-judgemental but firm manner were just what I needed. I am fitter and have more confidence as a result of my sessions with her.


You push me in PT sessions to go further.... but you are also not pretentious or intimidating.... you are lovely and make me laugh!


Stacey has really helped me to up my game with regards to healthy eating and fitness. I’d got stuck in a rut with the same x3 per week gym sessions, alongside many poor choices in my diet. This led to me remaining completely stagnant in weight loss and body shape! 

Mixing up the gym sessions has led to me aching in places where I didn’t think I had muscles ! 

Writing down everything I eat helps to eliminate poor choices without the need to calorie count. Stacey also gave me some meal plans which gently eased certain things out of my diet without making it too extreme !! 

I would thoroughly recommend Stacey she is very supportive and adaptive to specific requirements.

Ami B

Stacey is super friendly and understanding! she gave me my confidence back. with her help I reached my goal in six weeks and have since continued with the eating and exercise plan she created for me. I have loads more energy and feel comfortable for the first time in years wearing shorts and showing my arms. I couldn't recommend her enough,

Lucy f

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