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Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen


Yoga and Pilates Individual Sessions


I’ve been teaching Hatha Yoga and Pilates classes for a few years now and often have clients come to me with individual problems eg back aches, knee problems, tight muscles, injuries, bad posture, anxiety, depression etc and say that sometimes a class isn’t specific enough for them. To focus on clients individual needs that can’t be met in a class room. These one to one sessions include:

  • Specific Pilates training to improve core strength and posture.

  • Specific Yoga stretches to increase flexibility, decrease risk of injury, prolong/increase exercise life.

  • Mindfulness/relaxation/meditation to help improve wellbeing, de stress, reduce anxiety/depression.

  • Nutritional advice to help weight management, improve sleep quality, improve general health and reduce risk of illness.

  • Increase hip flexibility, increase hamstring flexibility, relieve neck/shoulder tension, relieve sciatica and release lower back pain.

£220 5 x 1 hour sessions or £45 for 1 hour face to face

£190 5 x 1 hour sessions or £40 for 1 hour online



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