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Everyone should meditate for twenty minutes a day

unless they are really busy.

Then they should meditate for an hour


Meditation Zoom Sessions

Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

Are you feeling stressed or busy brained?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you struggle to focus or concentrate?

Do you struggle to deal with your emotions/feelings?

Would you like to feel more peaceful, happy and calm?

If so, then meditation is for you...

Meditation is a daily practice for me, it calms my mind, gives me clarity, allows me to come from a place of love and not fear, helps me sleep better, allows me to live a joyful life, the list is endless and I want to share this with you. Meditation for me, is like cleaning my teeth, a daily practice that you would know if I didn't do it!!!

It takes you to your place of inner peace, which is a beautiful place, that we all have access to.

We are bombarded daily with stimuli through every direction, we live busy lives, our thoughts can drive us crazy, which means we can struggle to find inner peace.

We constantly play out the past in our minds and project ourselves into the future, when all we have is right now. Meditation is one way to inner peace. Bringing you a calmer mind, purer thoughts, wisdom, peace and happiness.

All this in the comfort of your own home....

You can enjoy this time of peace and tranquility on your own or with family/loved ones (you can have as many people in your home doing this with you on just one link).

This is a time for you to de-stress, recharge, rest and de-frazzle the nervous system.

The sessions are recorded, so if you miss them, you can enjoy them another time.

I will also give you tips to take with you, to help you live a more peaceful life.

I am so excited about sharing these sessions with you.

I truly feel that this is my purpose, to help you not suffer and meditation is key to this.

So many times, at the end of a Yoga session, I have people saying that they would love for me to be able to do guided meditation with them in their home, well I can now!

Please share this with friends, family, loved ones, work colleagues or anyone who you think will benefit from this, especially if they may be struggling right now.

Let's integrate and help each other.

When we meditate together, we raise our vibration/energy and that seeps out into the world. 


1 x 30 minute session £5​

Monthly subscription unlimited sessions £12 per month



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